Anyone want to weigh on my Chloe shoe dilemma?

  1. So I orded these shoes from Barney's in a tobacco, to match an un-used paddy, hoping to inject new life into her.

    Unfortunately when they arrived they were cognac colored, gorgeous. But not what I was looking for. Then I realized they matched a different bag!! :nuts:

    So should I keep these shoes?
    Or return them and hope to find them in the darker tobacco???

  2. I'm so jealous! I've been dying for those shoes and will get them soon!!!!! Keep them or you're crazy! And just use your paddy anyway. It will look good with anything!
  3. Thanks!! BTW, they are totally comfy to wear. I am petite and work in the Tech industry so I love to be a few inches taller than normal when I go to meetings with VPs and stuff, but I can't wear anything outrageous. So these seem to fit the bill.

    But I wanted tobacco!! LOL
  4. I think they're pretty! I would just keep them.
  5. I would say keep them! They're fab! How are they comfort-wise? Would someone only used to a 3inch heel or so be able to manage in them? I suppose there is a hidden platform?
  6. Personally I don't like to wear matching shoes and bags in the same color . . . I think you can mix up any Chloe shoes with any of their bags. To me the style is obvioulsy Chloe that they always go together.
  7. Omg You Have To Keep Those!!!!!!!
  8. Those are fantastic, I would keep them!!
  9. I love them together!
  10. They are actually very comfortable! I wore CL 'Lastic booties today and after running around and being on my feet for a while I was ready to cut the heels off myself!!

    These are 4.5" inches with a covered 1/2" platform. But the thick heel really adds stability.

  11. I'd totally keep them! I have the same shoes and they're so comfy!
  12. They're great looking. You don't want to be to matchy, matchy. Keep them!
  13. Keep them! They look fab!
  14. Well, I prefer Cognac to Tobacco, so I'm afraid I'm biased! :biggrin:
  15. Thanks- I have officially "kept" them by wearing them outside.

    And (cringe) I love them so much I bought the tobacco color too :push::angel::tender:

    pics to come...