Anyone want to talk Bottega Veneta?

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  1. Anything goes so feel free to post about any bag or line and we'll just let the thread go wherever it wants to.

    I'll start by telling you that I have a Large Campana in the black woven style and I have new Ball Bag that is under the tree currently and I haven't seen it yet. I also have a coin purse shaped like a green turtle. Very cute.
    I wanted to let anyone know that has a question about using protectant sprays on their bags that I have done it with good consequences. I know that most don't recommend that BV needs anything but my reason was that I live in Minnesota and it's so easy to get caught in a wet snow or to put your bag on a wet carpet without being aware and getting damage. So...I used the AppleGuarde that the Balenciaga crew likes and sprayed it with a stain/water protector. My BV is black so I can't comment on color change- nothing was noticable and the leather stayed just as soft as before spraying. I gave it a good two coats. Maybe it wasn't necessary but I felt better.:P
    I'm thinking that I may have to break away from the hobo styles next purchase and look at something a little different.
  2. Where did you find the turtle coin purse? I'd love to get something like that. I usually buy my BV's in the Chicago shop, but I've never seen it there or online. I'm jealous!:love:

    Do you have any non-woven bags? I know some people say what's the point getting BV if it isn't woven, but I have a green non-woven bag with the big braided handle (same as the Cocker bag) and I love it. Will try to post a pic of it.
  3. I really love BV bags! I have at the moment .... a chocolate brown one (in the first pic) and a ball bag in hazelnut (second pic). The craftsmanship is superior to many of the other designer bags IMO. Have you seen the beauties they are coming out with now? I received a booklet in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I think come spring you're going to see some gorgeous bags in fabulous colors. I have used AG spray on most of my desinger bags (Gucci, Balenciaga, Fendi, et.) but I was afraid to spray my BV bags. Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps I should spray mine as well.
  4. ^^^we posted at the same time! I love (tho I don't have one, personally) the ball bag--classic!! I've never seen the style you have in black--that's a beauty. The handle looks different--very special!
  5. Boxermom: I think I know the green bag that you are describing- does it have some detailing on the front? If it's that one, I love it. I don't have any non woven BV's yet. There is one on my wish list- I'll post a picture tomorrow. My turtle was actually an Ebay find. The original owner bought it at the NY boutique. I think it's a 2004 or 05.

    Kat: I have long admired your Ball bag but this is the first I've seen of the chocolate brown one. It's stunning too. My ball bag is chocolate too- I want something in the hazelnut at some point. I hope it's a permanent color. I can't wait to start seeing some of the new purse forum buys as the spring collection gets into a full swing.:wlae:
  6. Bagpuss--I know the bag you're talking about and it's gorgeous! Mine is plain--no detailing on the exterior. I'll try to take a pic tomorrow and post it. Love those BV eBay treasures!
  7. I've been eyeing BV's for a while now...I think the leather is so yummy and the craftsmanship is amazing. Just waiting to find a good deal and some money and then I will pounce!!
  8. ashlend--that bag is a beauty! Very classic.

    shushopn--there are a few bags on sale, not many, if you go online to BOTTEGA VENETA, including a med. hobo and a large hobo and a few others. I was a little disappointed there weren't more discounts. Maybe the stores have more than I found online, but I can't get to a BV store for their sale. I believe they are one of the few bags that are still hand-made.
  9. I was always a Balenciaga gal until I stumbled upon BV very recently. And I'll admit. I'm hooked.

    BV leathers are simply TDF!! And since I only have one sad BV wallet to speak of :shame: I love love love feeling her up :P

    But!! The bf has promised a BV bag for my Christmas pressie (will only get it in Feb though), so I can't wait! :love:

    Meantime, I'll just keep drooling at ya bags, so keep 'em coming!!
  10. Do you know what I love about my BV bags? The woven handle. It doesn't slip off my shoulder like so many of my other bags. Everything about BV bags are comfortable and easy to wear. Gorgeous leather too.
  11. I have the Ball bag in chocolate and it has the most soft and amazing leather I ever felt! I'm usually a hardcore bbag fan but the leather of my BV is so much nicer that's it pure joy petting it:graucho:
    I sprayed my BV with the nano spray of Colonil whis isn't as greasy as the AG and it didn't change the colour or leather.
  12. oh i love BVs! i love the leather, the softness, the smell....hmmmm....

    here are my few BVs..
  13. ....and my cute green tote
  14. So gald to see this thread. I have been considering a BV bag for a bit now, but wanted to do a bit more research. I have a few LVs and recently I have gotten into Bbags. I have 3 City bags, and I adore them. They are extremely soft and generally very easy to use bags.

    Keeping all those things in mind, what would be my best first choice for a BV.

    P.S. it must be a shoulder bag.