Anyone want to see the New EPI Color, had my hands on it today!

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  1. Not so sure I love it, but here it is in the picture flesh, had my hands on it although I was told it's not out yet???:shrugs:
  2. It looks gorgeous on the passy !!!

    Brass hardware would be nicer with it though.. boh.
  3. hmm, I dunno, I think I need to see irl:shrugs:
  4. I like you think speedy will come in this color??
  5. By the way, had a Very Nice SA today @ Neiman Marcus in Short Hills Mall NJ, her name was Christina LI, she let me see all kinds of things and showed me this new color! Today was not a purchase day for me, still trying to make my final decision, but we were having so much fun she didn't seem to mind that I wasn't planning to buy today (and my next purchase WILL be with her) we even got another customer to join in our fun and she DID buy something....that maybe she wouldn't have if I wasn't there.....I can be a bad shopping influence...
  6. I saw the same bag today and thought it looked fab - the lighter stitching on it was beautiful!! Would love to see some accessories in that color as well.
  7. i like it...but agree that it sould have golden hardware...
  8. i like the new colour, but i agree with Ayla.... brass hardware would've been better. how similar is it to the new Suhali sienna colour?
  9. Well, it's not much different in real life......I compared it to the picture to make sure it was a good enough shot, it kinda is what it is......When Christina (SA) pulled it out I was like Oooo, can I take a picture, this was Def. a fun LV snobby SA's today!!! YAY:yahoo: :wlae:
  10. I NEED!! that. I thought it would be redder, I love the way it looks in the picture.
    Thanks for posting that Lola.
  11. It's def. more of a camel color, Sienne is like a medium rusty brown....
  12. Thanks for the pic Lola! I think it's a nice neutral - you can totally wear this color all year round.
  13. You know, it's very close in color to the LV and flowers in the monogram canvas.....It would probably make a lovely color for a wallet!
  14. That is a STUNNING color/bag combo!!!:love:
  15. Lola, thank you so much for this picture! I knew there was going to be a new epi color called canelle and I just hoped that it would be available on the Passy! This will be my next purchase!