Anyone want to see new catalog pics?

  1. Ok. I went to the Coach store today because I wanted to change my Carly order to brown instead of khaki.:yes:

    It hadn't shipped yet (don't ask me why) but my chocolate one will be here on Thursday!:yahoo:

    Hooray! Finally!:yahoo:

    So I will have pics up then!

    I am uploading pics of the new catalog (which isn't out yet, but they know I am a good customer, so they secretly slipped me one and said the floor model will be out June 15)!:wtf:

    I was SO excited to see the new stuff!:yahoo:

    Will be posting pics momentarily, so please be patient!:yes:
  2. Do we want to see?!

    Is that a rhetorical question? :p
  3. ooooo....just what I need...more temptation!
  4. yes yes yes!!!
  5. OOoooooh YAY!! I'm so excited!!! Thank you so much, you're awesome!!!!!
  6. yay!!!!
  7. Eh, no, not really. Sounds kind of boring. Whatever. Maybe I'll look, maybe not. Depends what I'm doing.

    Oh who am I kidding - YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!! A MILLION TIMES, YES!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I am looking forward to these pictures.
  9. Heck yeah! Bringm' on!
  10. There are approx. 30 pics, so I will post them in lots of 8.

    Give me a few!

    I can see everyone refreshing the page! LOL!
  11. Hooray! Thank you for doing this!


    (^I just love that graphic which is the only reason I stuck it here.)
  12. You rule! Can't wait!
  13. Wow, that's serious re-con!
  14. I am not leaving this site. Dinner will have to wait. Thanks for sharing!!!
  15. ^^LOL^^!

    A few more mins, ladies!

    Thanks for your patience!