anyone want to see my NEW addition to my shoe family

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  1. after finding a great deal at my Dillards last weekend i decided to go back and instead found a fabulous deal on some shoes that i've been eyeballing:yahoo:!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]

  4. sorry for the crappy phone pics
  5. [​IMG]


  6. Wow! What a deal!!!

    At my Dillard's, there would be a riot if even one pair of Coach shoes went on sale.
  7. seems that they always have a pair on sale at my Dillards lol the first pair i bought werent on sale but thats ok....i've been wanting a pair like the ones i got today but didnt like the white patch at the tip of the toes. But after seeing the price and trying them on i was set :yahoo: they look so good IRL. Oh they also had another pair (pink and white poppy ones with no laces...but i liked these a lot more)
  8. Those are SO cute!! I have a waverly zip around wallet that is the same print. I should get those!!
  9. So cute! Congrats!! You are lucky, I don't even have a Dillard's around here (CA). At first when I was on tPF and people kept talking about Dillard's, I was like :confused1::confused1: I thought it was some special Coach store or something! LOL!
  10. That's funny...I'm originally from Nevada but moved towards the south with family. Dillards is like a macys imo. But I wish we had more places to shop!
  11. your new shoes are just too cute, sandyclaws -- luv 'em!!
  12. Very Cute Coach Tennis Shoes!!!!
    Great price too!!!!
    Congrats and Enjoy!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. Ooooohh I like them! Great price too.
  14. your new kicks are too cute!!
  15. what a deal!! I have been wanting Coach tennies for a long time!