Anyone want to recommend a nice bra?

  2. Try a bra that is a couple of sizes too small for you.

    That should do it, and it will work with any old bra, just go to Wal-Mart and choose the cheapest underwire push-up "demi bra" you can find - and buy the wrong size!
  3. Sometimes to get extra cleavage for a special occasion (or just when I want to look full) I use NuBra with my existing bra. They're like sticky chicken cutlets that push your breasts together, creating cleavage, and then you wear your normal supporting bra on top of it. Other than that, I just stick with VS Very Sexy bra.
  4. Hey Liz, I'm like you! I'm a 32AA and no matter what I do I can never get cleavage (sigh). The only thing I've found is when I take a VS Very Sexy padded bra, twist it so the cups are closer (thanks to another tpfer for this tip!), and then wear one of those tight camisole tank tops with a built in bra section. Somehow with all those forces working together, I start getting some good bubble-age on top. :smile: That bra is the ONLY bra that's come close to giving me assets. Good luck!
  5. Very Sexy by Victoria Secret... the best!
  6. Yeah, I agree 100% Vectoria's Secret Very Sexy Bra!!
  7. I am not super stacked and I love Chantelle bras...they last a long time and are worth the investment. You can find them on
  8. JCPenny has a great push up bra called Delicates. It has about 1.5" of padding. It adds 1-2 cup sizes.
  9. that's what i thought too until i tried the secret embrace one and fell in love! i couldn't even get cleavage with the very sexy one but i can with the secret embrace. i :heart: it!
  10. I wish it did that on me! On me, it just keeps riding up the front because I'm so flat, there's nothing to keep it down. :sad:
  11. Are you looking for shape under shirts? Or revealing ones?

    I'd actually recommend Agent Provocateur, they have some amazing bras and they lift and flatter verrrry well.
  12. another vote for VS Very Sexy!! I also have had good luck with the Angel's Secret Embrace push up .. but it looks the same as the Very Sexy to me. :p
  13. omg it does that on me too :sad:
  14. Hm...I'll go try some on at VS this week. I also just got a card for $10 off Secret Embrace. I think they also make Very Sexy Secret EMbrace according to the website....Best of both worlds?? *Crossed fingers!*