anyone want to meet me at the hermes sample sale?

  1. someone posted it in the sales forum. i can go early ealry saturday or after work wednesday. anyone here been and if so is it worth it? i really want a scarf.
  2. wow 57 looks and no one posted? do i have cooties?
  3. wish I could go but don't live near it!! and thanks hlfinn for the pegasus's on its way!!!!:yahoo:
  4. no -- it's shopmom who has the cooties. :p

    i may be going wed afternoon, but earlier than you. definitely worth it for scarves last time -- i think they were 195, and they had a boatload.
  5. ooh yay! can't wait to see it when you get it! i'm wearing mine tomorrow for the first time.
  6. ooh will you let me know how it is? i can't leave the office til 6.

    ::::backing away from shopmom::::
  7. When and where?thanks