Anyone want to Guess?

  1. Anyone want to guess what spy I have just bought, should be easy.:rolleyes:
  2. the patent ???
  3. To easy will have to think of a harder game next time, yes just paid for the Black Patent/red beads, this is a new SA and she has been brilliant, email Fendi and they said their was only 10 of these made and they was for the Far East but they would let me have one of them, so paid for it last night just got to wait for it to come in the shop which should be in the next 2 weeks.
    I just hope I like it when it comes as have never own a patent bag before. I have a thing about patent leather and metallic, Decos Gold spy is the only one I so love.
  4. Do you have a picture of it? :nuts: Would love to see modeling pictures! Please post if you have any.
  5. I do not have the bag yet Baglady its coming in from Italy, theirs a blurred picture of it on the Python thread I did a few days ago 3 picture, but its pretty bag as taken from a book
  6. OOOOh! You've been bad, Saich! I'm not sure to petition to put you on a bag ban so the rest of us can keep up, or to encourage you so those of us who can't keep up can live vicariously! :graucho:

  7. Oh Fatefullotus you do make me laugh,....I am always on a purse ban not that it does any good....LOL
    I just hope I like it when it turns up, the SA and Manager of Selfridges have been brilliant running around for me, anyway cannot wait to see it.
  8. ITA, but I'd rather you keep buying up all the great bags so that I can see them, (as my DH will go MAD if I continuously indulge my spy bag desires)! :p
  9. Yes, the theoretically bag ban. I've been on one of those for years. Never quite translated into reality though. :shrugs: Shame. :sweatdrop:

    Remember to take an updated family photo! :nuts:

    And you know what would look lovely in your mix? A white Spy, or a metallic spy! :graucho:
  10. You do not know how brave I am being in getting a patent one I am such a safe person and have never bought anything patent in my life before, I blame this forum for everything.....LOL I love the white Wisteria and Decos metallic as that one is super bubbly, if ever I find one like that I would be tempted:rolleyes:
  11. Congrats Saich2 !!!
    I'm so happy for you !!!! I love patent so much (you should see my shoes or my Chanel bags...I'm patent addicted)
    Can't wait to see pics !!!!!!!!!!
  12. Saich, you know you and deco are my Spy Queen Heroines!! :love:You sure know how to surpass yourself!! Congrats sweetie, I am so excited to see how this Spy looks.....:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. So am I HandbagAddict you never know what these bags are going to look like IRL.....LOL I have been on one of my spending sprees just bought the blue fendi spy shoes be here Tuesday as having them delivered
  14. I can't wait to see pics! Congrats!
  15. Saich, the blue fendi spy shoes sounds fabulous!! Counting down till Tuesday......when you get them!