Anyone want to grab a bottle & meet me?

  1. My dh is away until Friday and I miss him already. Thinking I'll be on the pf around 8pm after the kiddies go to bed. Anyone want to keep me company?
    Sooo lonely w/out him.
  2. waht time is it where you are?

    im homesick today too
  3. It's 5:05pm now here...About 3 hours and I'll be getting a bit loopy
  4. Oh darling, I am sorry you feel this way! I hope you feel better! I am all the way in the west coast!
  5. Bummer Imposola! I could use some adult company...Luckily my girlfriends tried to cheer me up w/ bagels while my kids were at hebrew school. I'm so pathetic, really...He left this morning and we were both so sad b/c he never goes away for so long. Even after 18 years together I still really miss him. I had a good day w/ my kids but it's not the same w/out him.
  6. ooh i'd love to open a bottle of wine.. but i think going to bed might be a better idea since it's almost midnight! i think i might be homesick but i don't even know for where which is a bit problematic :roflmfao:
  7. I know exactly what you mean. My DH leaves tommorrow for three weeks on a business trip....:crybaby:
  8. Sorry you're lonley, I am sure there will be plenty around here to keep ou company :smile:
  9. Guys there are worse. My hairdresser's husband is a sailor and left for 9(:wtf: !!!!) months in order to work. She also has a daughter. They will both miss him a lot. Just think there are worse situations. Personally i wouldn't know how to handle such a situation...
  10. ive been away from my bf for 2months. before me moving to paris we have been together everyday for 3 yrs. its a total shock to the system.. haha im tryin to handle it well.d ont think i am.. i miss him sooo much!!! NOT LONG TO GO TILL HES HERE
  11. I know that people have it much worse...but I'm still feeling blue
  12. I'm sorry, shu :crybaby: . It's just after 5pm here on the west coast and if my BF doesn't want to see me tonight I may join you :crybaby: :crybaby: .
  13. Hi Pursegrrl! I'm here! If I'm not here it's b/c I'm online shopping to kill the pain:wlae:
  14. All asleep...Having some lovely myself.
    Did I mention it's that time of the month too?
  15. ^^ I'm baaaack. Watching the seahawks game and wondering what's for dinner. Ew, sorry Aunt Flo is in town for ya. What kind of wine?
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