Anyone want to go to Saks today?

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  1. I'm thinking about stopping by the zipcode of shoes in nyc today. If anyone else is in the area and wants to help me pick out my new CLs, look for the girl with the purple reissue!
  2. lol! i'm in the city! i actually have to return something to saks. when are you going to be there?
  3. I'm in FL, but when I get to NY this year, I'm calling all you CL ladies out to shop!!!
  4. 5:30! I'll be wearing nude declics!

    Use the TPF codeword "vlad sent me" :okay:
  5. lol! ok i might see you there! have to get a bunch of stuff done. if you want my cell or something pm me.
  6. Or you could use "the red sole is in the brown box" :upsidedown:

    Have fun!
  7. awwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sounds like fun!!!!! I wont be in the city until late or else I would TOTALLY meet up!!!
    Have fun!
  8. i'm sad that i can't make it now. i started all these projects in my house and i can't leave. i'll totally meet you or anyone else another time!
  9. I wish I had seen this this morning. I wanted to go today but didn't want to drag the kids. Thoug my daughter loves shoes.
  10. Oh no! I was there today and didn't see this! I hope you got something beautiful!
    I know did...

  11. What a great idea, we should schedule more shoe shopping dates!
    Purly - did you get anything new?
    Jetset - wow those are some pretty shoes, I love them.
  12. ^ wowza!
  13. Damn jetset those are freakin hot!!!
  14. ^^ jetset, I wish I had known to say hi to you!!! Nice pick! I was looking at those too.

    OMG Girls I met Vlad and Megs!!!!

    Outside of Saks I ran into them and had a mini freakout moment. I was like "omg... you're... wait... no... you're vlad and megs???!?!?!"

    hehe. They were very nice and not totally freaked out I hope!

    I also got these babies:


  15. Thats sooooo cool!!!!!!!!
    Sounds like fun!!!!!!