Anyone want to enable? I would love a GH City!

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  1. I know they're more heavy. But it is the Bal that made me fall in love with Bal. I know I shoudn't because of the weight, but, but, but.

    Let the enabling begin. Pretty please!;)
  2. My first bal was a RH.
    However, I do love the Black GGH (In limited boutiques only, still mad about this). LOL
    But I did try it on for a while with all my stuff in it and walked around a bit.
    Adding your items on top of the weight of the bag itself is killer.

    But pain is beauty. I say go for it!!!
    I'm the worst enabler ever.

    Which color GH are you lusting for? That is the problem here!
  3. Hey there Olivia, am not sure if I'm quite an enabler. Here goes, I am normally an RH girl but there are always exceptions! Something about GH that spices up bal bags a bit more. So let me share some pictures that will hopefully enable you. I am replying from my iPhone now but will definitely upload them later when I get home.
  4. I used to be a rh fanatic. I've been carrying balenciaga since 2002 and when the giant hardware came out it never get my interests until this year when I purchase my first ggh and guess what, I'm LOVING it!
    Yeah the weigh is more than the rh but the giant gold hardware is so beautiful! I'm not interested in the silver giant hardware though, but let's see, it might took me to the day when it's not produced anymore then I'll fall in love like the case with gold lol
  5. I had a GSH PT once but it was planning to use as a mommy bag... it didn't work out (my stuff, kids' stuff and my iPad, broke two purse hangers:P). Now I have my RH maxi twiggy to use daily with my kids, my second GH bag as you know :graucho:... will only use for a girls' day out or in the future when I start working full time. And I'll probably carry my iPad in another case when I'm using the giant city ;)

    which one do you have your eye on?
  6. Thanks everyone for your thoughts! I would love the silver, anything with silver, preferably Black. And dear bag'hem all, you don't have to re-post pix to this thread, I have drooled over your pictures here a lot and just love them:heart:even your avatar makes me swoon, lol.
  7. I'm used to Mulberry so even GH is lightweight in my opinion. Just think of it as weight training and get one!
  8. I prefer the GH even though it is heavier!
  9. me too
  10. GH is attractive though heavier , but then, the leather is thicker which means, more durable. I love GH!
  11. It is so pretty it has to be worth some extra weight!!
  12. I LOVE giant hardware! Gold, silver or rose all looks fabulous!
  13. Thanks so much everyone for your advice and input. I am headed out of the city for a business trip just now but when I return I feel the need to shop! xo Thanks again!