Anyone want to come

  1. to the Saks fifth avenue boutique with me today in Manhattan?! I'll be picking something up (hopefully) and it'd be fun to do it with a pf'er!

    (Please tell me if this should be moved! Thanks!)
  2. I would if I lived in New York! Good luck and have fun!!
  3. that's such a fun idea, we should set something up in NY one of these days, I really only have one friend that shares my appreciation.......if I was still working in NY I would soooo come meet you!
  4. Awww, wish I was in NY!
  5. oh boo, I guess no takers! I'll unveil my package (if any) tonight or tomorrow!
  6. i wish i'd live in new york!
  7. So, did anyone go today?
  8. Aw I wish I could go with ya! That would be fun! That, and I hear the food is soooo good over there! Mmm! haha.

    Have a good time! Ooo Manhattan, hehe.
  9. :supacool: :supacool: I wish. I've never been to New York! Happy shopping!:supacool: :supacool:
  10. I'll love to go but you know where I'm from:sad: Yes! happy shopping (might be over by now:Push:smile: Hope you do get something so we can see more pics:graucho:
  11. I wish you'd told me sooner- I live and work in Manhattan, although I can't get off work until 5pm. I especially love the 57th St. store, if that's where you were planning on going. Please let me know the next time you want to plan something- I'd love to come!
  12. Augh, I just saw your post from this morning. I'm also in NY and I was around Saks shopping with a friend today, would have loved to meet up with you. Next time then!
  13. aww -- if only i read this hours ago i could've gone with you! Happy shopping! Please post pics of your loot!
  14. Ooh I wish! ;) Hope you had fun & tell us what you got! :biggrin:
  15. I wish I lived in NY! Would of if I could of! :Push: darn!!!