Anyone want the Mirage Speedy...

  1. Saks in Boston has the Mirage Noir. (I was there this a.m.)
    Retails for $1870.
  2. I live in Denver and they won't let me have my bag until the 15th. Is this one for sale to take home today?
  3. ohhh I wish I could get it!!! :crybaby:I am on BAN right now. Boo hoo!!
  4. Yes, as of today 9/05; 10:20am. I just called to check for you.
    The telephone # is 1-617-236-4910 the SA I spoke to was Jason.

    If you live in Denver and have it sent to you...wouldn't buying yours on the 15th be quicker to receive?
  5. OMG I want this bag.
  6. I have a feeling that at this price these mirage speedys are not going to be hard to find after the 15th.
  7. I would LVOE to have one!! But don't have the extra $1870 right now!! Maybe for Christmas or my anniversary (which is also in Dec)?

  8. Just as long as it stays as a LE. If not... :cursing: and I will bring it back...hmm, but I do LVoe it...
  9. I just received my call today from my SA to pick up my bordeaux Mirage Speedy! They only received one Mirage Speedy and I get to have it!! I pick it up tomorrow!

    This is a steep price for a Speedy but so worth it. I love everything about it!
  10. or you could get it on eBay :lol: for a whole 1k more eboutique is the first on eBay with it
  11. weird some stores have them and some don't...some were selling the bag on the 10th some made folks wait until today...