Anyone want my PCE card at this late date?

  1. I am too poor right now to spend any more money on Coach.

    I can throw it in the mail and you will probably have it before the event ends.

    Just PM me and I will send it.
  2. Hi Nancy,
    I can't figure out how to pm someone...I guess I am too much of a lurker. I would love to get in on the PCE action though.
  3. I could send it to you if you figure out how to PM - which I dont know how to do either.
  4. Send me your address and I will send the card if you are still interested. All you do is hit the little pencil in the lower right hand corner to send a PM
  5. Is that how you do it? Now I see the post here.
  6. No the pencil is the quick reply button which will post on the thread. Click on the person's name and it will bring up various options, one of which is to pm (send private message) them. If you are going to mail the PCE card, it should be to someone who is in your state or the next one over or else it probably won't make it to them in time...
  7. Well - I sent it to someone in a far off state - I hope it gets there on time. You never know - the mail is funny sometimes.
  8. it's possible it might make it. The one I was mailed last PCE made it just in time from a kind of far away place. Here's hoping for that lucky person. Nice of you to do it! :tup:
  9. You can also call your local store and mention that you know that there is a PCE going on and can you avail of the discount even if you do not have a card. You may just get lucky and the SA can say that she will make an exception this time and give it to you.... happened to me in San Jose ,CA!!!
    That way you won't have to wait to get the card. I hope that you get some nice SA too and get the purse you love !!!
  10. Nancy, it's here!!


    Thank you so, so, so much!:cutesy: