Anyone want more CHOCOLATE?? So thrilled with my first WORK!!!

  1. I just got my HG and was quite satisfied. The only bag left on my hitlist was a WORK, and I had decided I wanted it in black 05 leather. And I was willing to wait. Well, lo and behold, up pops a lovely choco work, which I ended up BINing last night, and arrived at my doorstep tonight courtsey of the lovely seller's wonderful DH!! (It happened he was in my area.) I thought that this bag would be "second" to the black 05 I really wanted, but as soon as I opened it, I was swooning!!! It's so much better than I hoped- much darker and richer in color than the pics showed, and it's MINT as far as I can tell! I love all my bags, but only a few of them have made me squeal and dance with delight- Ms. Choco did exactly that! (of course I waited until the seller's DH left before doing so!!) So here she is...lovely Ms. Chocolate 05 WORK!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
    IMG_1663.JPG IMG_1667.JPG IMG_1673b.jpg IMG_1677b.jpg IMG_1681b.jpg
  2. Congrats! Beautiful!
  3. Sunny, I thought RT was your HG? :p Congrats on your new chocolate work! It's simply delicious!! :flowers:
  4. Oh, wow, congrats!!! :yahoo:You're amassing quite a collection of 05 bags, eh? Choco is such a great neutral, so deep and rich. Looks great on you, too :yes:
  5. teehee- thanks ladies! I'm still grinning as I cruise tpf and gaze from time to time at Ms. Choco, who's on the table next to me. Such is the life of the bal addict eh?

    Jira, RT is still my HG, but choco work is an unexpected LOVE, and RT has been laid to rest in her dustbag for a little while. ;)

    Slinks- yeah I was thinking the same thing, I'm really gathering up those 05s!! But you know what I really want to see IRL? Any year pre-05. (oh to touch your gorgeous le dix with the tip of my little pinky!! hehe)
  6. wow, another 05 for you?! i'm jealous! :boxing: j/k ;) CONGRATS!
  7. dang chickie! ;) I love love love your chocolate! You BIN'd a good one!
  8. thanks glossie. heh heh

    I KNOW ladybug- totally scored with this one! Funny thing is, I bid on the original auction and lost out. But this worked out even better!
  9. Mmmmm shes beautiful! Congrats, such luscious 05 leather!
  10. If you find yourself in NYC, we can definitely arrange for some pinky-tip petting of the Le Dix ;)
  11. Oh you're so lucky! I think Chocolate 05 is so incredibly gorgeous!! Congrats.
  12. Oh wow! :nuts: So yummy you could eat it! (but don't!) :push:

    Now thats my kinda chocolate! Sugarfree, carb free & calorie free!
  13. lucky you, you must live in Illinois, am i right ;)
    congrats i love the choco work - enjoy!!
  14. watch out slinks, I just might take you up on that offer one day!

    thanks moonstarr, ivy, and nicole! haha ivy your comment made me chuckle.

    Yup, Nicole, you're right I'm in IL, so the seller was a perfect match for me!
  15. YEAAHHHH :yahoo:you got it !!! CONGRATS sunny07 to this yummy hot CHOCOLATE work :flowers: - you're wearing her perfect :tup:! ENJOY her :heart: (so nice to have one more choc-work-twin, beside of hmwe46) ;)