Anyone want me to pick something up for you?

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  1. I'm going to Desert Hills Premium Outlet tomorrow and if there's anything you ladies want me to pick up for you, let me know.

    I'm not sure what the handbag stores have at the moment but if you're looking for something specific, let me know and I'll ask the corresponding store if they have it. Also if you just want to know what they have, PM me your number and I'll give you a call when I'm there.

    Just for a price-range since the last time I was there
    - Dior 50% off and then additional 50% off of selected lines (mostly clothes)
    - Gucci wasn't that great, it's about 30% off and I didn't see any additional off
    - The prices at Coach were pretty good
    - Burberry was OK
    - And I can't remember the rest.

    I'll be going tomorrow at around noon. I don't think I can make a second trip out there or else I would be more than happy to update you ladies on what they have and take requests then, sorry. You can either PM me or leave a comment, I'll check this before I go.

    Have a good night!
  2. Eeeeekkk... you're going to MY outlet! :nuts: Are you down here in So Cal then? Can you check out Coach and Tod's stores for me? Just poke your head in and see if there's anything new. I might go there next week. Thx babe! :biggrin:
  3. Not yet, I will be in about 8 hrs, are you in SoCal Irissy? My boyfriend and I are taking a short road trip down there for my spring break (or lack of) and one of the stops is the outlets, haha! I was in :love: last time I went there.

    I'll definitely check out Coach and Tod's for you, anything specific you want me to look for/ask them about? I'll give you an update when I come back.
  4. Can you check if they have any cute scarves? I want one for my Speedy. Thanks Jenny!
  5. Are you taking 101?
  6. Mello, have fun! Sooooo lucky your finals are over. I have two more papers to go tonight. BAH! Have a great time, drive safely.
  7. Wow that is so nice of you to offer!! I would love MANY things, but can't do that now. Have a blast!
  8. jen! do you go to davis? i have a friend who goes there and it's such a shame you guys have such a short spring break! i haven't seen her since winter break and i can only see her on one day (friday) since she's off to vaca for the weekend and then back to school! :sad:

    i love the cabazon outlets! can you tell me what kind of selection the gucci, dior, and coach have? i've been thinking of making a trip down there for spring break (i go to ucsd :biggrin:)!
  9. Hi Eileen! Any particular brand you're looking for? I'll pick some up if I see any and if you don't want it, I'll just put it on ebay or something =) Oh and to be honest, I have no idea what we're taking... but I think it's 5.

    Intlset - In some ways I am lucky but I'm not looking forward to seeing those grades =( Good luck on your papers, just another day! Thanks!

    Megs - It's just my way of giving back to the lovely forum ;P

    heartfelt - yea I do! It is a shame, I'm lucky that my last finals were three days before spring break or else I would be stuck with the 3 day (exclu. weekends) break.

    I'll check out the Gucci, Dior, and Coach outlet for you and report back to you tomorrow night, or when I can get back again. Ohh ucsd is a GORGEOUS school, I have a couple friends who go there!
  10. Thanks Jenny! Something colorful but nothing with monogram logos on it. If you can't find anything don't sweat it. Have a great time.
  11. Will do Eileen! I love shopping for other people as much as I love shopping for myself :biggrin: And thanks!
  12. ooo I want to go! :biggrin: Check if they have any saddle bags, I called last week but who knows maybe they got new stuff. Also, what lines are there now? You lucky girl!
  13. Will do our fellow Dior whore ;P Nori, come vacation here (or NY) this summer yea?!
  14. ^^^hehe I make it up to CA at least once or twice a year but I usually do Rodeo. Maybe I can take a road trip this year though :lol: I have a couple of free tickets on my cc, it would be fun!
  15. Oh my LLLLLOOOOORRRDDDDD, Mello, it's 3:38 and I just finished two papers. Have a really good time for me, I'll be spending spring break trembling in a corner, detoxing from caffeine pills. I hate the quarter system.