Anyone want Cambon luggage on sale?

  1. I just came from the trunk show at Neimans in Palo Alto, and saw what's coming out for Fall...I wasn't that impressed, a lot of the bags were really big and I prefer smaller bags.

    I liked the mademoiselle flap with the vertical lambskin. What was really cute was the chain didn't have any leather in between the chains but had double loops, if that makes any sense. Inside the lining was very cute with camellias and CCs and it even had a cell phone pouch! It was about the size of a large classic flap.

    I also saw the large bronze bowler in the luxury line, I believe they're going to have black again. I don't remember if they'll have the silver though.

    There is a Cambon luggage reporter bag that's on sale for $2795 if anyone is interested. It's cute but I thought it was really heavy. Ericka ,the SA who helped me is really nice and had it on hold for someone but the person who had it on hold didn't want it so it's up for grabs.
  2. OH, the mademoiselle flap sounds yummy! Hmm.. perhaps it'll be my next purchase..
  3. It was really cute....I am thinking about it also, it was $1595, the price of a large caviar. I really loved the lining though!
  4. OMG a mademoiselle flap would be amazing!!! I wanted to get one fo the vintage flaps, but this sounds great!!
  5. I'm obsessed with the mademoiselle line. I'm in the process of convincing my boytoy to get me the camera bag

    ... by rationalizing that it comes with the cute little silver clutch too, so it's like 2 bags for the price of one.