Anyone want an Azur Speedy 30?

  1. I have one in my cart on elux and will realease 4 u. I know a lot of people are still waiting for their's so if you'd lke it, post or PM me.
  2. good job...i got mine from a tPFer's shopping cart too
  3. Thanx... I try
  4. No one? All these complaints about no azur and this is the response i get?
  5. i know! is everyone out for friday night?
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Probably. I wonder if anyone on tPF has BLVUI (bought louis vuitton under the influence)
  7. now I am waiting for Azur pochette...I've never seen it on e-luxury:shrugs:
  8. I Want It!!! Hmmm Should I Get It??? I Just Got The Riveting so I dunno if I should spent it!
  9. I've released the speedies back into the wild. Theres also abt 20 azur 25s on elux right now.
  10. 20 25s?
    wow. thats a lot. are they really selling that fast?
  11. if it hasn't been released yet...I WANT IT!!!
  12. Oops! Just re-read the posts...guess I missed it! What I don't understand is why was there one available when I'm on a waiting list (with eLux) and they didn't call me about it!! UGH!!!
  13. That is so wrong! What's the point of a waitlist??? You should call them and complain...:cursing:
  14. wowza,'s Sunday 12 am...all of em are gone!
  15. what enablers! i llove you ladies!