Anyone want a Violet City?

  1. I rec'd a call from BalNY and asked them to put mines on hold. I just ordered a Step from AR so I am not getting the City. Just PM me and I will call BalNY. :heart:
  2. is it in RH? if so im definitely interested
  3. hey there! i am new here and for some reason cannot
    figure out how to pm people! i know i must be the dumbest
    person alive! haha. anyways if it is a reg. hardware i would
    love to purchase! thankyou!
  4. Just look at the top of this page and you'll see your name and Private messaging is under it. Then it will take you to you messaging page if you click on it.
    There is nothing Dumb about not knowing, luckily everyone on here is so nice and helpful!
  5. i believe new members don't have the pm option until i don't know how long. this is part of the new update. hopefully, the OP will reply here if the bag is still available.
  6. yea there must be a limit for new people because i still can't find
    it under my name! how many posts do you have to have in order to
    start pming?! thanks for you help girlssss. this place is awesome because
    of all the helpful people like you all!
  7. I called BalNY and have my SA hold until tonight. Someone already PMed me about it and I told her that if she for some reason will not take it to let me know so I can have someone here waiting and looking for a Violet City snag it.

    Yup, it is the regular hardware. :heart:
  8. Okay ladies, anyone who wants it can PM me and I'll give the info.:heart: