Anyone want a vinyl cabas??

  1. I have one on hold for me at Saks and am not going to take it. If anyone wants it PM and will give you the contact info:smile:. If nobody here wants it in the next couple of hours, I am going to tell her to give it to the next person on the list so she doesn't have to hold it for too long.
  2. Anyone? She just called back and I need to give her an answer soon?
  3. PM'd you!
  4. Hi Hi....could you please give me her contact #?
  5. I gave the contact info to the first person to PM me. If she doesn't buy the bag I will let the next person know. Wish I was the vinyl cabas fairy so I could sprinkle bags on all the lovely girls here that want them:biggrin:
  6. OH~ did I missed it???