Anyone want a very white 226 Reissue?

  1. I ordered the reissue in what I thought was going to be dark white (ivory) from Nordstrom Seattle, but it turned out to be white back it goes. It's gorgeous but I aready have a white bag. I want/need ivory!!

    If anyone is interested let me know and maybe Nordstrom's can have it sent to you...
  2. There is a darkwhite reissue on eBay.:yes: From the dimensions however I think it's a 225?

    eBay: MPRS NEW CHANEL Quilted Lambskin 2.55 Shoulder Bag (item 130061180591 end time Dec-26-06 19:32:40 PST)
  3. Thanks Smooth! I really want the 226 and I do think that's the 225. I guess I just get to keep drolling at your 226 for now....
  4. You'll have yours some day, I have faith.
  5. I hope you find your ivory reissue imgg! such a gorgeous bag :drool:
  6. Sorry it wasn't the color you were expecting. I love the dark white too.
  7. Thanks guys!!! You are soooooo sweet! :love: Happy Holidays!!!!!
  8. The white reissue went bye-bye....back to Seattle Nordies.....