Anyone want a silver Miroir Pap??

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  1. In my quest to find a silver or gold Speedy, I located a silver pap in Alabama at Saks. The # is (205) 298-8393. Somebody hurry & get this before it's gone. Let us know if you do.
  2. It's still available if anyone wants it.
  3. thanks for the info:smile:
  4. Anytime! So many of you have helped me find bags that I've been looking for. :love: I hope someone sees this thread before it's sold. :nuts:
  5. Thanks for info! It would be great if someone here got it.
  6. Someone Get It!!!!
  7. Did you find a speedy?
  8. i wonder who's gonna get that!
  9. I WANT ONE SOOOO BAD! Too bad I am in Canada, if ANYONE can get it for me I'd GLADLY paypal you the money!!!! :graucho: :flowers:
  10. If it was gold I would be all over it!
  11. Yes, I found a silver one. :yahoo: I wanted the gold, but either is great. They are so terribly hard to find. :wtf: It's in the mail along with that great book everyone's talking about with all the miroir pics. I can probably trade for the gold after I get it. :graucho:

    Swanky, the silver would look good with your jewelry. You should get it!
  12. i really hope a Tpf member wil get it ..

    KathyD many congrats
  13. Thank you, Chloe. Can't wait to get the Speedy. :love: I hope someone from the PF gets it too. It would be a great evening bag, & of course would look good with jeans. Did anyone call?????
  14. lol I remember touching that silver pap...
  15. they still had it in bloomie's LV when i went there a few weeks back...