Anyone want a monogram bronze PM in HK??

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  1. Hi.. I have reserved a monogram bronze PM for myself in the LV store in Hong Kong.. and decided not to take it cos my bf totally hates it I really like the materials but dont think I will get much use of it as I am giving it up ... it is still on hold for me till thurs.
    Retail is cheaper than the one in the states .. it is going for 14500 HKD which is around 1870 USD... If anyone is interested in purchasing it please let me know.. I heard from the SA that there is not much around !! PM me if u are interested.
  2. Which bag is this??
  3. I don't like it very much..
    Thanks for the info anyway!
  4. I saw this one tonight but the SA called it Sergeant. It feels different than canvas. I'm not sure if it's coated leather or canvas. It isn't my style so I passed on it.
  5. Yea.. I love the new look on the leather but not liking the style... I wish the come out with a speedy.. I would so just go ahead and buy it !! :p
  6. It is kind of cute but not my style.