Anyone want a love me midi in fuchisa with gold hardware?

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  1. I am desperate for one of these and am told I need to get other people on board!;)
  2. isn't the love me midi coming out in pink sheen for spring? i think there is still time to submit a bespoke without the fee
  3. I don't understand, what do you mean?
  4. Fuschia and Pink sheen are quite different.

    Fuschia is gorgeous. I believe we had a bespoke going last summer, but I don't believe it panned out.

    We could start another one depending on how many are interested I suppose! The leather is TDF!

  5. Pink sheen is a new spring color and if you pre-ordered it there would be a 10% discount.

    Otherwise, if you want it in fuschia you would need to get 8 people or more to place an order and receive a discount. If you special order (bespoke) one by yourself there would be an additional 20% charge. I guess I'm explaining it correctly.

    No doubt that would be a HOTT bag!:sweatdrop:
  6. It was definiteely the fuchsia!
  7. For a very short while-check with Jackie or Rose- you can still order a bag without the extra charge-but you must be quick!!
  8. ^ thanks but I think you still need about 12 people!:smile:
  9. an I just check, the Love me is bigger than the midi, it isn't just that it has an extra zip on the front?
  10. You need a group of 8.
  11. Yes it is larger and with an extra zip.
  12. I'd be happy to re-vive this bespoke. The leather is fab.
  13. ^yes- it was contessa's "confection perfection" that first had me:faint: