Anyone want a Grey Jumbo Classic ?

  1. Anyone interested in a Grey Jumbo Classic contact Lisa at the NM in Troy, Michigan.

    NM 248 643 3300 x 2182

    Here is the picture she emailed me, as she has offered it to me, BUT....I want to find a Grey Reissue. Yeah, I know....dream on. hehehe.:rolleyes:
  2. pretty bag!
  3. Oh its beautiful but its lambskin......darn
  4. Nice with gold chain
  5. The hardware is silver. The large original image she sent me shows the detail of the hardware better but it is silver. This smaller version of the picture attached does give a gold glow but that is incorrect.
  6. ^ Ahh, ok :smile:
  7. OMG..Kill me now..Im on a purse ban...(goin to Italy soon....LOL!)...WAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I tried the e/w in this colour in Italy a few months ago and it's sooooo pretty! My SO even liked it... :yes:

    Jill, I bet you could buy this in Italy when you go!! I saw it in Venice... :heart:
  9. Wow this is beautiful! I didn't like the new chain at first but looking at this pic, it's growing on me! no I can't! Need to restrain myself, I'm still looking for my luxe bowler!!:drool:
  10. i really like the color on this bag. however, it does not hold a candle to the grey reissue... if only they would do that color again sometime.

  11. Soooo true:p