Anyone want a commission?

  1. Is it illegal to offer someone a commission here to find an Hermes bag for a tPF member?

    Pretty Desperate
  2. There's no selling on the PF and I think that might be on the verge of a transaction :shame:
  3. I don't think anyone would accept that but perhaps if you let us know what you're after, kind members will let you know where it's available. :flowers:
  4. You made me laugh, toreilly! I can totally! Is there an "Hermes Wanted" thread somewhere for us "desperate seekers"?:P
  5. Tell us what you want and we'll all keep an eye out! No commision needed. And please be careful what you post!!! You don't want to create a frnizie with bad people contacting you in order to scam you out of your money! Please be careful and before you answer a pm make sure you know the member well!
  6. Well said baggaholic!...
  7. Jen's exactly right! This would be a transaction adn we don't allow that.
    But as the other girl's said, if someone sees the bag they'll let you know!
  8. Thanks everybody! This was done in jest. And yes I am desperate...:sweatdrop:

  9. ^^toreilly, I just want you to know that you are NOT alone in thinking and hoping this is possible. It HAS crossed my mind before! We all do get desperate from one time to another .....
  10. I hope you find the bag you are looking for toreilly! good luck!
  11. I for one would help anyone all I can to achieve their dream bag without any personal perks. That is why I love this board. I feel that everyone is genuinely happy for one another and truly cheering each other on.
  12. ^ I definitely agree!! The ladies here are sooo generous and I truly believe you [toreilly] will find your dream birkin through this board! I know I'm constantly browsing the Hermes shopping thread (when I have no money to buy, unfortunately) :shame:
  13. Plus, we get a thrill out of everyone's purchases.
  14. What are you looking for? Tell us and we'll keep our eyes open for you....
  15. The best thing about this forum is we all help one another out.

    We will help you the best we can!