anyone want a balenciaga motorcycle in INK?


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
New York City
jane said:
I am lucky to live in SF, where the NM is a block from Saks, across the street from LV, two blocks from Nordstrom, and surrounded by boutique stores. No need to really go in there at all :smile:

I am very responsible with my credit, I only use ONE (Visa) credit card, and I only use it for big purchases that then get paid off within 3 months. I don't have any store cards; the interest rates are too high and the incentives are just gimmicks to get you to spend more money.
i'm in a similar situation, the Saks and NM are in different malls but they're LITERALLY across the street from each other in north atlanta, and all of the designer-owned boutiques are in one mall or the other, plus there's bob ellis, which carries chloe, balenciaga, marni, gucci, everything you could imagine. there's even a cute little shuttle that runs between the two places so you don't have to move your car. i just wish that NM took regular cards because it would be easier and i like their SAs better than the ones at Saks.


Nov 9, 2005
Here is a solution to this problem. Get an American Express Starwood card. You earn starwood points every time you buy. I have earned enought points to stay at the W in NYC for the weekend just by buying handbags. Now if I just want to stay at the regular Sheraton I can stay for 4 nights. Just remember to pay it off every month.


Dec 29, 2005
I want an Amex but my Visa's been good to me and the interest rate is very reasonable. I'm closing or have closed all my store charge cards except Victoria's Secret (I'll always need underwear). So one credit card, one charge card, and cash for shopping at NM, which keeps me safer anyway.
although I know they lose a LOT of money by not taking Visa in their stores. Probably hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I mean, if I'm going to buy a Marc Jacobs bag for $1200, but all I have is my Visa, I'm leaving NM and heading to the MJ boutique in the same freakin area. I'm sure that happens in every NM every single day, many times. It doesn't make sense.