anyone want a balenciaga motorcycle in INK?

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  1. the SA at the SF NM has one balenciaga medium motorcycle in INK. i'm looking for the lighter blue so i passed. it is the only one she has, so if you want it, jump on it!
  2. i'd take it but i don't have AmEx :sad: poopy.
  3. it's a bummer that they onlytake amex and NM. you could probably get a NM card over the phone! they tend to be very helpful when:amuse: they are trying to sell you something...
  4. yeah, but NM makes me feel like i'm being forced into opening credit with them because of their rediculous credit card policy, and i don't really respond well to that. i'm stubborn :sad:
  5. good point!:amuse:
  6. i'm happy to shop on their internet site, though, because they take whatever.
  7. okay...i decided to call, and must have gotten the l-o-s-e-r SA. she was going to put me on the "waiting list" after i waited on hold for about 5 minutes.:evil: she said the bag was gone, but they were going to get more in -- she didn't sound too knowledgeable. no thanks. the store in nyc still has it in stock. first time i've really had bad customer service there.
  8. Ack! The designated Balenciaga SA there at NM SF is horrible. She was nice when trying to offer me a bag but totally rude when I tried to ask questions. She'd talk over me when I tried to ask about the color bags... raised my blood pressure whenever I spoke to her....

    Incidentally, I returned a medium ink city to them two weekends ago. Only had it for one hour while I was shopping. I didn't like the leather on it at all. :sick:
  9. I felt exactly the same way! The first time I bought something there, I wasn't aware of the payment policy. It was for a pair of shoes. Needless to say, I begged the SA to hold the shoes for me while I ran to a bank to get cash.

    Afterwards, I was kind of miffed by it and I never stepped foot in there for a few years. Just last year, I started going back in there though with a NM credit card. Unfortunately, I'm a sucker for nice things. :shame:
  10. wow, that's too bad. egan is the SA to get- she rocks, and is VERY helpful!
  11. Thanks, pursedoc. I'll keep that in mind when I call them again.
  12. Although I've never purchase from NM, I just went to the website and in the payment options they have Visa, MC along with AmEx listed. Do they just not take other cards in the stores?
  13. In store - they only take their card and AMEX.

    Online, they take everything, which is what makes shopping online with them so nice. :smile:
  14. O, ok. Thanks for the clarification.
  15. I am lucky to live in SF, where the NM is a block from Saks, across the street from LV, two blocks from Nordstrom, and surrounded by boutique stores. No need to really go in there at all :smile:

    I am very responsible with my credit, I only use ONE (Visa) credit card, and I only use it for big purchases that then get paid off within 3 months. I don't have any store cards; the interest rates are too high and the incentives are just gimmicks to get you to spend more money.