Anyone wanna see my new LP?!?

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  1. I will not drag it out...much. :smile:



  2. It's the Alex Medium Zip!! [​IMG]

  3. I love this bag!! It's very similar to the Dylan, but it's got some rocker added to it with the tassles and zippers. The leather is scrumptious. Love it!!
  4. [​IMG]


  5. Looks gorgeous, shoulder and cross body!! I can tell the leather is wonderful! :smile:

  6. o



    i am in heaven.

    i am so happy i bought this bag too!!! can't wait till it gets here! thanks for all the generous shots!!!!
  7. Thanks!! It came yesterday but my DH was home so I had to wait to open it. LOL What torture!! Anyways, it is so soft and puddly with just a slight pebble. It's simply amazing. I hope they do it in a lot of colors for spring. SO worth it regardless but with the extra discount it was perfection!
  8. Congrats on your bag, kristin!! I love the fact that is has the beloved dylan shape but with the interesting twist of zippers and tassles... like you said, just a bit more rocker chic. I'm all set for bags now, but I'm hoping LP makes this bag in some yummy spring colors in the future. My poor beat-up blue azure dylan has been put out to pasture, but I'm thinking LP should resurrect the azure color with a spring Alex medium tote.

    You look great with this bag!!!
  9. Thanks, R! BTW - I emailed LB about the chianti and while they said that they were totally sold out, she did tell me that they are already in the process of making some amazing colors for spring!!
  10. Oh oh!!! Kinda sad that I missed out on the chianti dylan, but seeing your Alex tote makes me want this new style. For a split second, I thought about ordering it in olive with gold zippers. But.. I spent my allotted budget for fall/winter bags, so I'll wait until spring.

    I'm so excited that the spring colors are already in the works.

    Enjoy your yummy bag :woohoo:
  11. kristinmcd - I :heart: everything about this bag...the zippers, tassels, handles, and of course the silver hardware! Congrats!

    Is the small front pocket big enough to really use? Can you get your hand in and out of it?
  12. Yes! You can use the outside pocket. My iPhone is slightly too wide to put it in horizontally, but if you put it in diagonally, it slips in just fine and will lay horizontally with room to spare.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Oh and look at the cute nail file they sent too! [​IMG]
  13. That looks like a fun and practical bag, which are must-haves for me. I love the different options for carrying it. and the zippers and long tassels. It's a winner! :tup:
  14. I LOVE that bag....gorgeous. Is it black or blue? It really seems to be a totally different color depending what photo it is. I'm having some doubts now about having ordered the Dylan shoulder strap bag instead (olive) I really prefer the gold zipper rather than gunmetal with the olive. Also, does anyone know if the leather is the same as far as thickness/texture in the Alex tote as opposed to Dylan shoulder? I have yet to see a Linea Pelle in person so I guess I'll be surprised in a few days!
  15. see kristin??? your beautiful reveal has got the lot of us second-guessing our own purchases and wondering if we should have gone with this bag!

    JLJRN, since there are some great sales going on with excellent return policies, maybe you can order this Alex in olive with the gold zippers? Then choose between the shoulder bag you already ordered and this Alex tote. (and I'm not just saying that because I really, really want one... ok, maybe just a little.) ;)

    Kristin, I bet MOB and the other sites will have a surge in orders of this bag because of your awesome reveal!!