Anyone wanna model their Coach sandals?

  1. I really really really want a pair of coach.....wedges or maybe the slides but I just cant decide which to get!

    If anyone has any pictures I would love to see so I can get a better idea of how they will look!

    I really like these............


    Coach - KORRIN SLIDE


    and the coach ellice!

    Too many decisions lol
  2. OMG I own those wedges (pictured) and just tried them on today for the first time in a while because I want to wear them to work this week! I will snap a picture.

    I got them over a year ago so I don't know if they are around anymore, except on eBay?
  3. Coach gold signature strappy wedge sandals:

    I think that the jeans I am wearing today are a bit too short to go with these shoes though! Most of my jeans are longer and look better.
    sandals_1.jpg sandals_2.jpg sandals_3.jpg
  4. Also here are my resort denim wedges

  5. OMG, Those are adorable! I am cursing the fact that I spent too many years wearing cheap high heels and now I have to wear old lady flats or my feet kill me. :sad:
  6. I don't have the shoes you pictured but I have wedges!!!

    Wedges are way more comfortable than those mule things... although they ARE cute!!
    I couldn't get myself standing lol I'm bad at this picture taking thing
  7. Jane, I think that the jeans are great for the shoes because you can actually show them off!! :yes:

  8. Thanks girls! They all look great!