Anyone wanna buy a Chanel DOLL?

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  1. OMG!!!! My hubby ask about the bearbrick at Chanel. He was willing to buy it, but they never called him. Apparently, my SA said they had to put them up to auction......but i wouldn't have thought that much.
  2. they are ADORABLE!!!! i saw them on display here in SF and HI and I was googoo about it, I even asked my bf if I could buy one (even though I didnt think they were selling them).

    I would consider it if it was $1000-$2000 but that price is just way too pricey
  3. anyone know what the retail price was?
  4. i would totally get one of these if it wasn't so pricy. i don't think they were originally on sale before. i thought karl had given them to SA's as a thank you?
  5. Adorable but wow. I'd rather have a bag, for that price. :yes:
  6. Bearbricks in Japan are roughly about US$90. My hubby bought the Levis bearbrick when we went to Japan last year.
    The Chanel bearbrick was only design for the store window and not for retail. So there are only so many produce for each shop window in the world. They were either to be destroyed after they had been displayed or go up for auction. But i don't see any worthy cause for this bearbrick.
    I wonder how this person got a hold of it.
  7. ^yeah that seems strange, why would they sell it that much, on ebay, etc...
    but whatever, the price asked is sick ! That person thought "oh the Chanel lovers will do anything to get it, even take a loan at the bank !!!" yeah right....
    I think those are so ugly.....where on earth is the class of Chanel on those scary blind things ??????? And that comes from a fan of brickbears and vinyl toys.....
  8. okay, thanks!

    yeah, i heard they were auctioned for charity purposes here in austria...
  9. Too be honest I would pay only up tp 1000.
  10. That is scary looking.
  11. This is ugly looking. We do not want to end up looking like this doll.