Anyone waiting for UPS, FEDEX or Courier delivery????

  1. well, please wait with me! :nuts: because something is going to arrive soon... :supacool: and no its not something ROUGE VIF!!! :roflmfao:
  2. Me - and mine is Rouge Vif
  3. I don't think the delivery man will EVER show up with my orange bbag....because I can't find one to buy!!!!!!! But I know he has my new LV that should be here soon.
  4. 0o0o0 what is it??? city? first? work??? :graucho:
  5. OK Helen, I'm waiting with you:yes: !!!
    But what are we waiting for :confused1: ???
  6. ME! But my wait just ended, mr. ups man came with my rouge vif money wallet :love: I'll wait with you ladies though if you share what's in the box :graucho:
  7. OMG helen, is it your long awaited blueberry work?????? :nuts:
  8. I'm waiting for rouge vif courier - I hate waiting ..... at least I am in good company here

  9. :graucho: :graucho: yup we're waiting for FEDEX to deliver - BLUEBERRY WORK!!! :wlae:

    hatikuh - :graucho: LOL i havent spoken much about buying any b-bags in this Seasons colours except BLUEBERRY!!! :wlae:
  10. Hi Everyone, I am waiting for my rouge vif city but it won't be here till later in the week because I didn't want to pay for overnight shipping.
  11. OMG YAYYYY!!!!!!! SO excited for you, Helen!!!! Must post pics as soon as she arrives!!!! :yahoo:
  12. I am waiting for Fedex man to delivery my Greige weekender and Chocolate YSL Rive Gauche (spelling) bag...:yahoo::yahoo:
  13. hey everyone... okies its arrived!!!! :yahoo: its really yummy looking!!!! posting up pics...
    thanks for waiting with me!!! 0o0o0 i hope other ppl get a visit from FEDEX and UPS today too!!!
  14. :wlae: :wlae:
    11.jpg 011.jpg
  15. :nuts: GORGEOUS!!!
    I. LOOOOVE. IT :drool: