Anyone waiting for her christmas bbag??

  1. Hi girls, since I´ve been reading many posts, that some us are getting and waiting for a bbag until christmas, why don´t we start with a list?

    I´m waiting for blueberry day (which is here already, but I´m not allowed to use it)
  2. we just ordered my rouille box on arrived today, but cant have it yet (it got here QUICK!). I was able to look and take pics. Will post pics soon!
  3. I received my Rouge VIF First in the mail today. I secretly took it out of the bag to admire when DH stepped out for a second. Time sure flies cause before I knew it, he was back and caught me with it. hehe He's gonna wrap it up later for Christmas.
  4. unfortunaely not..... i was gonna get a bbag for xmas but i think i am getting a chanel instead.....
  5. me me me!! my first balenciaga. :yahoo:

    i am getting a Blue India hubby let me take some pictures with it which i posted previously, hehee. and now it's hidden away in some closet. can't wait! :wlae:
  6. No Bbag for X-mas. It'll be LV instead.
  7. MEEE MEEE! I just got my ink twiggy today!!!:yahoo:
  8. I've asked Santa for a Truffle City...:rolleyes:
  9. I'm trying for a Greige first or Vert D'eau first. We'll see how lucky I get! If not I am hoping for a new Bbag for my bday in February.
  10. I just got a rouge vif day... *sigh* it's tough to wait though
  11. i am waiting for my caramel twiggy 05 from luxury-zurich a very reputable store in ebay, and i am so excited!!:party: