Anyone waiting for a pre-order bag from LB?

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  1. I pre-ordered my Nikki in Night from Luna Boston for the 3/31 expected shipment date and received the following email response from Amanda @ Luna Boston.

    We are expecting our Rebecca Minkoff shipment early next week. If all goes according to plan, you should have your Nikki by Friday at the latest!

  2. I ordered the mam in dusty, but haven't heard anything yet, except they'd contact when shipped.
  3. Luna Boston is thee best! They treat their customers very well and their CS overall is phenomenal! I highly recommend!:tup:
  4. I would have a preorder with them if they still had the violet... *sigh*
  5. I preordered the nikki in ocean but I haven't heard of any delays...
  6. me too
  7. Wow, desi! Violet in which style? Is it the same violet in Gung's autosig? It looks so gorgey!!!

    Does, LB accept coupon codes? Do you ladies have any for me?:flowers:

    Hey redskater, they had the Dusty in MAM @ why didn't you try there?
  8. ^it's not the same violet as gung's. it's a different violet.
  9. oK ok i wanna apologize beforehand cuz this is off topic cuz u ladies are tlking about luna boston, but i was wondering if is in, is the customer service good? has any of u ever bought anything at this website and was satisfied?
  10. delcina is a legit site, and i've heard their service is great Never bought from there personally bc they don't really have codes..

    No chinkee- the purple that Gung has is an older model. Still gorgeous though! Gung has a poll comparing the new violet and hers. And i know DOGDOC and SHOPBOPCHIC for sure got this bag too... there are pictures on the forum, just search "violet"....

    The new violet was an exclusive RM bag for this season that went to Luna Boston only and was sold out in days. Its a dark deep violet that looks close to black indoors, and then BLAM go outside, and you see this hot purple in your face!
  11. I used grechen when purchasing mine.
  12. I'm waiting for a MAM in night with the gold bottom.
  13. chinkee- revolve won't give me a discount, LB did.