Anyone wait listed for the Mirage line yet?

  1. I'm from Vancouver, BC and I've called my LV boutique and the one in Washington about the Speedy Mirage and I always get this awkward pause before they say "...what line are you referring to, because I have no idea what the mirage is. please call back in august since you said the release date is september" WTF!? :confused1: They also said that they haven't gotten a look book yet, which I assume is normal, but the fact is they didn't even BOTHER to take my name down to call me back when they found out (I INSISTED to put my name down too!).. gosh, and I really want this bag too!! I feel like they just don't give a crap!

    Anyone know anything about the Mirage line? I know the release date is expected to be September, but I want to know where I can put my name down to be wait listed!! I don't want this to be another Miroir situation where I get wait listed the last minute and end up not getting my hands on one, because I want this mirage speedy bad I could almost taste it, LOL.

    Would I be able to waitlist my name in the states and pay over the phone and get them to ship it to me? Or does LV not ship across countries? :sad: I also have an American address, but not an American credit card..would I be able to pay with a Canadian credit card and just get them to ship to my American address? Haha sorry for the 21 questions...can anyone tell I REALLY want the mirage speedy? :p

    Any help would be great -- TIA!
  2. it seems that some boutiques do not have the new lookbooks yet, or info on f/w items.

    my SA has me down as wanting the mirage speedy and the new nimbus. she was kind of flustered at the fact that i found out about these things before their store did.

    do you have a regular SA who could start a waiting list for you, or at least have you down to call you as soon as they get any info?
  3. Thats weird!!
    I put my name down for the mirage like 2 weeks ago now! My boutique in the UK is the smallest in the UK and we have the lookbook so thats just strange! Could you speak to a different boutique? x
  4. ^Yeah, but you're in the UK and the other two posters are in North America...I guess it has something to do with the different LV regions.
  5. ^^^yeah totally...I even called the boutique in the USA and they had no idea what I was talking about, but the WORST thing was they were talking to me like I was an IDIOT.. "are you sure about this line? where are you getting this info from? do you have any form of proof that this line is coming out from LV? maybe it is another brand you've mistaken" ARGHHHHHHHHHH THE NERVE!! >.<

    anyway, I've put my name down both times to "want" to get waitlisted, but thats all...I suppose I'll continue to call EVERY WEEK until then, LOL. and unfortunately, no, I don't have a regular SA *sigh* if I can get the speedy mirage, it will be my FIRST (but not last!) LV bag :smile:
  6. Hmm, that was strange. Maybe they aren't as comfortable taking names over the phone? =-S

    I'm not on the waitlist for anything yet, I'd have to see the lookbook. Hopefully I'll be able to take a look while I pick up the sunset boulevard. :smile:
  7. I am guessing the Mirage line will be seasonal and items like the Speedy will be easily attainable like the Dentelle and Perfo ranges. Unless they have production problems like the Miroir which I think wont happen. Also the higher price would ensure that this does not fly off the shelves as anticipated, i.e. about USD400 to 500 more than Dentelle and Miroir. So my recommendation is to take it e...a...s...y....:smile: But I might be wrong.
  8. This line is in the lookbook as the Degrade line. Try waiting for Degrade and see if you get a better response.
  9. The Singapore newspaper recently did a write up on LV F/W and Mirage bags photo was published. And so I'll think Mirage line is already a public information :confused1:.
    LV Singapore Newspaper.JPG
  10. I hope my boutique knows about it.
  11. Yes that a good idea about saying degrade, and yeh if you go in to the boutique you may get a better response?
    I hate it when SAs are like that! Do you have an SA that you always see, maybe you could speak to her/him? xx

    Isnt mirage runway? I didnt think it was seasonal I thought it was limited?
    But thats true, the olympe was LE runway aswell and theres still LOADS about! x
  12. looks like you need a better SA!
  13. I had the same thing happen to me at the Dallas Galleria LV boutique...the SA had no idea what I was talking about. She had never heard of mirage! I was very irritated b/c they were no help there.
  14. seems like they're testing how far they can push it. ;) I think the long awaited mirage speedy that is very alike a regular mono speedy with the coveted black handles will fly off shelves, but you never know. It's sure going to stay around for much longer in continental europe as usual anyway.
  15. here in the philippines, a tiny country, hehehe. We have a long list for the mirage now. Since it came out on the newspapers as an article in the chuvaness site. Hope yours gets the lookbook soon. But you can just ask the SA to start a list for you and then you can say your number one on the list. :tup: