Anyone w/ the speedy 25..

  1. Do you have pics of it against you or of how much it fits? I sold the 30 b/c it was too big and the 25 seems so tiny instore! (I'm 5ft8/9)
    It would be great if someone tall w/ the 25 can post pics of them holding it so I can get an idea of the size against me..I don't wanna look silly w/ it! TIA!:smile:
  2. I used to have it, but gave it to my 19 year old daughter who is tiny. I bought the 30, because the 25 was too small and looked silly on me (I'm 5'3"). Sorry, I can't help. The 30 is wonderful for me - looked big at first, but I got used to it within a week and now would never go back to a 25. At 5'8", I think the 30 would be gorgeous on you. It's so funny, after using the 30, the 25 looked almost like a toy to me (I was warned that would happen - lol!). If you're nice and lean (tall and slim) though, the 25 might be pretty and just right. Try the visual aids threads - I think there are lots of pictures that might help!
  3. I don't have pics of it "on" me...but I know latinamodel posted a few in the past few days. Check some of the threads for hers. I absolutely LOVE my 25 and I find it's the perfect size. I tried the 30 at the store (I am about 5'2) and I felt it was wayyyy too big for me. I like the looks of other girls with enormous bags but it looked like a carry on piece of luggage on me. I don't know what I would carry with a bag that big!! The 25 fits way more than most ppl realize yet it's not ridiculous looking. Just my humble opinion. Good luck with whatever you choose!!
  4. i think its absolutely adorable, and I plan on getting one in epi. Just such a cute size! BUT, the opening on that bag seems SO much smaller than on the 30. I don't think it could be a true everyday bag for me. I hate scraping my hand up on zippers on the way in and out. In addition, like most people here, I have a couple LE pieces and wouldn't want them all scratched up.

    just me though, and I suppose that's why there are so many sized speedies!
  5. I was a die hard Speedy 25 fan (even got my handles replaced to the tune of $145.00), but after I got my 30, there just wasn't any going back. My PTI fits much better, I can put a magazine in it - it's just a wonderful bag!
  6. Okay I added a pic of the 30 I sold on me..will the 25 look too small against me? I'm always convinced I want it when I see pics at home etc but as soon as I see it instore I'm undecided b/c it looks so tiny.:s
  7. i have a cerises speedy 25 and it fits me. i'm 5'4" and 80 lbs.
    it can fits my lv PTI, medium agenda. also my cigarette, 2 cell phones, ipod, and slouchy cardigan!
  8. I think the 30 looks perfect on you.
  9. ^lol I sold the 30 b/c it was too big for my liking which is weird b/c I like the large gucci horsebit bag..I think tis b/c its a hand held bag and it got in the way
  10. Oh that fits quite alot then! Its definitely big enough for my things..I've just got to decide if it looks small against me when I hold it.
  11. KittyKittyCatCat, we have very simular builds and I have constantly been debating between the 25 and 30. Becuase I don't have a boutique near me, it's been a hard debate!

    I think in the first pic the 30 looks HUGE. I don't like all the gapping space of the slouchy bag and the handles look too small for the bag. But in the last pic, it looks just right next to your body.

    I don't know, I'd go with your idea of the 25, it just might be perfect! :flowers:
  12. i think the 30 looks good on you but your thin and i def think you can carry off the 25. what about an epi speedy? the epi 25 is really between a mono 25 and 30

  13. that might be a good compromise?
  14. Okay thanks girls! I think I'm gonna have to have another look at the 25 and the epi too.:smile:
  15. I agree .. I found the 25 too small for me. I am taller than the OP too .. I vote for the 30:heart: