Anyone w/ the black inclusion bracelet PM?

  1. Anyone w/ the black inclusion bracelet PM? Can you post pictures so I can see what it looks like. I know what the beige one looks like. Thx. :amuse:

    All these talk about inclusion this and that makes me want one. :graucho:
  2. I have the same problem LOL! I keep hearing and seeing inclusion inclusion so I bought my first tonight a baby speedy keychain! I'm still on the hunt for a bracelet tho
    DSCN2157.jpeg DSCN2158.JPG DSCN2161.JPG
  3. Aww... it's lovely!! :love: Just as I imagine it! How much is the PM (since elux ran out and I can't ck the price)? And is it one size fits all? Thx.
  4. Congrats chag!! elux HAD the beige GM earlier today but they ran out of stock right now. Just when we want one, they ran out of stocks. Go figures... :angel:
  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I HATE it when this happens!!!
  6. Ok nevermind. I read your post, love them all. It's $245. :yes:
  7. and the bracelet is 245 too right?
  8. Since you're in CA, did you try calling SCP? I saw both the beige and the black inclusion bracelets there earlier this month.
  9. I'm not near there I'm close to BH but I still don't ever get over there. I rely on the internet more than anything or when we go on vacation
  10. Yup, the bracelet was $245, and it's one size fits all. It's a little big on me, so I usually make my hand bigger (sorry if this sounds confusing) so that the bracelet doesn't fall off. But it really is lovely on. I hope these still a few in the US so that you guys can order it. Try 866-VUITTON and see if there are anymore. :flowers:
  11. 0o0o0o the black one is stunning too!!!
  12. [​IMG]

  13. At first I just wanted the black, and then 4 days after buying the black I went back and picked up a beige. I like them paired - but for certain outfits I wear them alone and seperate. I think the black stands out better by itself. The beige blends into my skin, so it looks good paired with the black. :P


    Same here! I keep my hand slightly open (it was difficult at first, now I do it subconsciously) to keep them from falling off.