Anyone w/ pics of Mombasa hobo?

  1. I've always loved this bag and have seen a few pop up on eBay...I'll post a link for one auction on the authentication thread, but I notice that there aren't any pics in the YSL resource.

    I'd love to see yours if you have one!!:yes:
  2. I bought this chocolate brown suede/mink Mombasa back in 2005, but have since sold it.


    If you do a search in this subforum, you'll find some other Mombasa pics.

    Also, there's a grey ostrich Mombasa in NM's new edition of "The Book." It's $3,695.
  3. Medium Mombasa in Dark Brown.

  4. Thank you for posting pics! That grey ostrich is :drool:-worthy!

    This is the tag from the eBay listing - looks pretty fishy to me, but as I mentioned in the eBay thread, I'm just a newbie to authentication and this may well be legit.
    YSL Mombasa Hobo 3.JPG
  5. Mine has Made in Italy underneath the numbers. The numbers on mine are backwards from yours. The style number comes first, serial number is second. Mine's absolutely authentic.

    Edit note: just out of curiosity I checked my Muse. It has the same set up as my Mombasa: numbers on top, made in Italy underneath.
  6. PradaPsycho, thanks for your help (here and in the authentication thread).
    I just purchased two YSL bags and both of them have tags as you mentioned:
    numbers on top (style then serial)
    made in italy beneath

    And the font is unlike either of my two bags or any of the tags I've seen so far here.

    I'll keep looking!:shrugs:
  7. I love the mombasa; this is my collection
  8. ^^^I don't see any pics. :confused1:
  9. thanks for the tip, pinkbabydoll!

    atlbaggirl, can't see your pic either - I'd love to see your collection!
  10. Sorry here is the photo
    YSL 006.jpg