Anyone w/ Mini HL for their Speedy?

  1. I have the Speedy35 and love it but finding most days all I do is run the kids to school or run to town and back and the 35 is overkill. Does any one have a mini HL as a companion to their Speedy?

    Thinking it would fit a treo, keys and mini wallet, perfectly. Plus it would double as a quick "clutch" in the Speedy35. Haven't considered other pouches just I like the handles on the mini HL...

    Practical? or....??
  2. I say go for it. It's a great bag and does hold quite a bit. I use mine with a long LV vachetta strap so I can wear it cross body.
  3. It might be bulkier than the pochettes as a clutch inside a bag (since it's got the rolled handles). What about the pochettes/mini pochettes ? I use a pochette accessories inside my BH/BV/PH/Neverfull as my "anti theft" device since I've got it on the hook and everything important is in there.
  4. I have the mini HL and a speedy 25. I wouldn't use the HL in the speedy because it could damage the vachetta.

    It is a great clutch though.
  5. the mini HL is so cute...i've seen a little girl with it with her mommy who has a speedy :rolleyes:

    sorry not much help with your question but i just love how cute the mini HL is
  6. the mini hl actually holds more then the pochette. GO for it!
  7. I have both and it's totally practical IMO. It should hold all of the things you mentioned and it is a lot easier when toting around the kids! I also have the long strap for it just in case I want to be hands free.:tup: