anyone w/ detachable straps on their bags?

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  1. do you actually use it or it just stays on your bag even if your using it hand held? :yes:
  2. My Balenciaga bags have a shoulder strap that is removable. I always leave it attached, but carry the bag by the handles instead.
  3. I always take the straps off unless I plan to use them.
  4. Keep them on. I think it's better for my back, especially for larger bags. Carring large bags with my arm is tiring.
  5. I leave it on. I usually alternate depending on how tired my shoulders are or if I need to be handsfree. I LOVE detachable straps.
  6. I keep them on my balenciaga. i like how it looks with it.
  7. I keep mine on... just in case I want to switch back and forth between hand and shoulder...
  8. I keep mine on because I usually alternate.
  9. I leave them on in case I need my hands free.
  10. I actually BOUGHT a number of detachable straps on eBay, for those bags that don't have one but can be transformed by one. Although I don't use such straps all the time, I just like the option, if I'm travelling, shopping etc.
  11. Heather123, do you have the ebay link to the detachable straps? Are they leather?
  12. I leave it on, you never know when you need it!
  13. My AC Mini City has a strap but I leave it on because I end up using it on my shoulder ore than I realized I would.
  14. I leave on so I can use as needed.
  15. I have a Givenchy Nightingale and always leave the strap on - sometimes I hand carry, other times the strap comes in very convenient!