Anyone w/ a READE MM?

  1. If u do, pleaseee post me a pic with a size reference!
    What do u think of the MM size?
  2. I had one...but didn't find it very usefull. It was very deep, with short handles, made it hard to carry.
  3. Didn't like it at all. Short handles and the vernis "buckles" because the bag is so tall.
    Sorry I couldn't give you an endorsement.. :sad:
  4. lol ahhh man. i found one for a nice price but the size looked kinda funny.

    i guess perhaps NOT!!!!!!!!

    anyone have a pic of them carrying it?
  5. I used to have one but can't for the life of me find any of my pics. It was REALLY awkward to carry, I think I only used mine once.
  6. I had one and sold it. It was good as a work tote but I hated the handles.

    Here is a pic.
    Ebay 065.jpg