Anyone w/ a lg. Betty satchel on now?

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  1. Wondering the length of the straps from one end to another. I'm not home and need to find out. Thanks:yes:
  2. not 100% sure what you're looking for, but I'm looking at mine right now and if I were to take one strap, cut it off, and measured it from each point it attaches to the rings I would say its about 14 inches or so, I don't have anything to measure with right now though....
  3. it may be too late but the shoulder drop is about 8 inches if that helps?
  4. Where did you find a Betty for 70% off?
  5. The straps from end-to-end is about 18", so the strap drop is about 9". Where are they selling for 70% off and what other colors??
  6. I was lucky enough to read through some of the deals and steals posts After countless calls to Nordies and Saks w/ no luck at all I found the last sm/med chocolate betty at Mi place in Ca. For 70% off it was $477 and no tax. Yay should be here Friday.
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