Anyone w/a juniper leather legacy bag? Question...

  1. I'm getting one for Christmas (although I probably wont use it until Spring). Has anyone conditioned this color legacy leather - either w/Coach moisturizer or that Apple moisturizer? Which would you recommend? I've always used Coach moisturizers but after doing a board search it looks like alot of Legacy gals here use the Apple stuff.
    Opinions appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Coach specifically says NOT to use anything (especially their own branded leather conditioner) on legacy leather. However, others (including myself) have used the Apple conditioner b/c it is a different formula made for special leathers that still allow it to breathe. I have had great success with the Apple conditioner!!
  3. I want to know too...

    Where can the Apple Conditioner be purchased?
    Does it darken the Legacy Vintage leathers?

    Thanks for the info!
  4. I want to buy the Apple Conditioner and tried to buy an 8 oz bottle online. HOWEVER, they want to charge me $7.00 for the conditioner and $45....yes $45 for the shipping to Canada!!! Is there anywhere else that I can buy it? Any stores or other online retailers? Thanks so much!