Anyone w/ a gaucho - does yours smell funny???

  1. I picked up my brown double gaucho a few weeks ago and it smells funny. I got it at Dior in Manhasset NY. - I used it for the first time last night and loved it. I originally was waiting for the wine colored one, but changed my mind b/c i got the dark red paddy hobo - so how does yours smell - mine is actually mildly offensive!!! I still love it - I assume its from the aging process??
  2. Mine has a leather smell but it's not too strong or offensive. I got mine from the NYC store.
  3. Some colors smell more than others. I received a white one a long time ago and it outright stank. It had to go back. But then I bought a blue one a month ago and it hardly smells. Several people have said that once it airs out, the smell becomes very faint. From what dior told me, it is from the leather washing process. I still think it's a great bag. From what people have told me, some say that the red one smells the most.
  4. Okay, first I read that dior bags are on the fragile side NOW, the gaucho style may carry an odor??? What the hell is up, can anyone give me a little re-assurance?
  5. My Gaucho had the small as well but it faded away over time. Not putting it back in its dustbag helps. The smell comes from the washing process.
  6. it does smell slightly, i have the white medium gaucho but i don't think it is offensive. air it out and it should fade away. it's not really a big deal.... i mean the only time it might smell bad is if you put your face to it and breath in deeply.
  7. My Gaucho is pretty hardy. I wouldn't call it fragile in the least bit. As far as the odor, it does fade. It's from the leather washing/treatment process. It's a great bag and I do love mine, so much that I got another one. :love: