Anyone visited

  1. Hullo, I'm a newbie and a wannabe gaucho owner... :shame: Thought you might be interested to see the (perhaps) fake Dior gaucho's.... and others..... $145? Bargain! lol

    *removed link - we don't like to advertise for them!
  2. Welcome:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Yes those are fake.. i didnt even know such auction sites existed.:confused1:
    I'm assuming your from aus?:smile: Have u been to Dior Galleria at Rocks? They have wonderful selection of Gauchos in all colours:smile::heart: :heart: The SAs are lovely and much better than the Dior at David Jones
  3. Hi SuSuKim, thanks for the welcome :lol:

    I'm about 10 hours away from Sydney, so it'd be an awfully expensive trip! :lol: isn't a bad site, it's only just getting up and running, so they're still sorting out the bugs and loony sellers... :rolleyes:

    Cheers :smile:
  4. Hi:yes:
    whereabouts do u live? is there any dior store near you?
    I hope Dior + Dior homme opens their flagship store in aus soon.. wouldnt that be great? LOL:yahoo:
  5. Prolly the closest Dior store would be Brisbane... I'm about 3 hours from there...:smile: There's always the net... lol
  6. I've been looking at a Luella striped stevie on - it's secondhand and she wants $AU850 for it which seems a bit steep... but I'd REALLY like the bag!

    Unfortunately, I think oztion will probably go the way of ioffer, etc. if they don't really crack down on fakes and nutjobs!
  7. I've noticed that oztion has deleted the fakes that I mentioned..... So I think as long as someone complains, they'll be quick to p*** 'em off.. :yes:
  8. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    please do not link to counterfeits.

    I already removed one from this thread . . . don't post more!