Anyone visit the Miromar ( Estero, Florida) lately and see this bag ??

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  1. Visiting Florida in a few days and plan on checking out the Miromar outlet. I'm wondering if they have these Madison bonded totes ?? Anyone notice? Thanks
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  3. HI~~
    Aren't these relatively new?? I just saw a couple at one of my Macys

    Lynne :biggrin:
  4. I live in Canada and they're just out today at our outlets, I wondered if they've been in the U.S stores for longer! I'd like the larger tote but I think these are the minis. I'm hoping they have more selection in Florida than they do here in my part of the country( Canada).

  5. I hope they have them at the outlets for you!
    I live in Minnesota and bags are slower to come to the outlet than on the East and West Coast. The Department stores seem to hang on to Coach especially a long time before marking them down!
    Good Luck!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. I was in Miromar this morning and they didn't have them, though they had a pretty good selection of deletes. The discount was only 50% off, not 50% + 10%, which I was hoping for, so I plan to pop in on Saturday. I'll let you know if they have any then.
  7. Awww..thats too bad, I wonder If I should get this bag in Canada on the way down tomorrow..hmm. Thanks for letting me know. :biggrin:
  8. If you can get it for half off in Canada, I'd do so. The dollar is very low at the moment, so you would save a little.
  9. No bonded totes today, but they do have 50% plus 10% off deletes!
  10. Just got back from Florida, was kind of disappointed with the Coach outlet there. Nothing great when I went mid week last week. None of these totes for sure, so I opted to buy a Kors bag when I returned to Canada, they were the same price in the US..crazy!
  11. I was disappointed in this outlet when I went last year too. But I found lots of stuff at MK and Kate Spade to make up for it!
  12. I wasn't thrilled by anything at the Kors or Spade store either, I almost bought a Kors bag for $ 169 US, came home, stopped at the Niagara outlet and it was $ 169 (Cdn), so I ended up buying it there. I couldn't fit anything else in my suitcase anyway, and had to pay the airport $ 50 since my suitcase was 16 pounds
  13. Oh my!!! I haven't had that happen yet with the overweight luggage (thankfully)! Lol

    I always buy a wallet at Kate Spade when we go on vacation because nowhere near me sells it. I am never sure about the bags and I feel rushed so always end up with a wallet. MK seems kind of hit and miss for me though. It seems like the good Coach outlets in Florida aren't where I travel. Lol
  14. Well…I have never flown Allegiant, we flew from Niagara/Buffalo., and I was told I could bring one suitcase (so I purchased the largest one) and it could only weigh 40 pounds. It was 38 on my way there, but after shopping a bit, I knew I'd be "overweight" on the return. No big deal, but I am used to flying Air Canada, where they allow you to bring a carryon without charging you, and I don't think they charge you for having a suitcase over 40 pounds,. I was also surprised at how "not as professional" the airline attendants were, they were joking around and laughing at the other attendants, one even stuck her tongue out at the one at the other end of the plane. I thought "you'd never see that on Air Canada", but all in all, Id fly Allegiant again ! :smile: