Anyone using their LV Vernis as an everyday bag?


Nov 4, 2006

Well another year has rolled around and I look at my beautiful vernis that just get :shame: no action. A couple I haven't used all year :confused1:
I guess I'm afraid that I'll mark up the exterior, so silly as it sounds ....
Its like I think there too pretty to use.

Are any of you using your Vernis as an everyday bag?
If so, how are they holding up?
I would would really value your thoughts!
thank you
Well, I don't carry the same bag every day let alone from vernis line. I carry my vernis bags when I need some shine and cheer up.
Don't worry so much about it, enjoy your bag..
Vernis isn't as delicate as people thought
I got my first vernis (framboise bedford) back in jan 06. I have used it maybe twice for about 1/2hour! I'm not too worried about getting it marked though, its just that its too bulky for me. I love it though and during the next spring/summer I will be sure to use it more often. I have the matching cles and I use it everyday. Surprisingly enough, it has no marks on it and its in and out of my purses and bumped about. Vernis is not as fragile as I used to believe!

I am looking into another vernis, either the roxbury or the minna street. I'm just waiting for the new pomme d' amour to hit stores! :yahoo:
I only use my Houston as an everyday bag but then, it's in Bronze color that makes me use it since it seems so much hardier and less suspectible to obvious display of color changes... =^_^=
My friend has a Reade that the vernis leather seems to have lost it form and gotten soft from usage.
I guess thats to be expected....
i bought it, I should use it :s and just enjoy it.
Maybe I have some weird childhood deserving issues...:confused1:
The two most used vernis bags I guess I have are my blue thompson st. and my fuschia reade pm since they are the oldest! I rotate around a lot, but I am almost always carrying a vernis bag (except now I am carrying the coach tote I got for christmas from my parents). they do hold up extremely well as long as you just are careful about where you sit them and wearing new jeans around them (but new jeans color transfer on everything haha).
It probably think there allot more sensitive than they really are.
I could never imagine myself with that gorgeous Perle vernis ...I'd think I'd get a mark the first time I used it.