Anyone using their Jumbo flap as an every day bag? Maybe I should use a tote?

  1. Well I’ve been using mine for a week and come to the sad conclusion …
    I’m lazy!:shocked::shame:
    I’ve found that I tend to walk out of the store leaving the bag unfasten after I throw my wallet in it.
    I may be more a tote bag -- everyday person.:confused1:

    Do you ladies use your jumbos as everyday bags?
    How’s it working for you?

    Thank you!
  2. I don't have a jumbo flap. :sad: Yet. :p

    But with the bags with closure or zippers... I almost never close them. Zippers... who can be bothered?

    Actually I think it's a really good look if you don't close it. Very laid back and says something like: "I don't care it's Chanel bag I'll use it however I want."
  3. I used to used it everyday until the chain started to bother my shoulder. I also left my bag unfastened as well. I now just use my Gucci hobo.
  4. Well I feel a little better...
    I thought I was too lazy for my classic :O
  5. I do use my jumbo flap as an everyday bag. I don't carry much and find it easy to open and close the flap. The chain does not bother me at all, but if I am wearing a coat I usually carry it on my arm, and I have the chain shortened making it easier to do this.
  6. Oh i am excited to see what people think thinking of getting a jumbo caviar for every day use....what fits....:confused1:
  7. i use my jumbo as a everyday bag. like DD101, i tie the stap on the inside to shorten it since i'm very petite.
  8. The chain doesn't bother me at all. In fact I find the bag very easy to carry around.
    For me its just those few seconds of having to unclasp, reclasp - unclasp again cause I forgot something, re clasp close..then darn, open again becuase the cell phone is ringing.
  9. I use the Jumbo Flap as an everyday bag, and I love it. I also tie the chains together inside the bag because i'm very petite as well.
  10. I use jumbos pretty much every day and while leaving it open probably wouldnt be a problem, its so EASY to close that it practically closes itself. Its a simple twist. No zippres, no snaps, etc. Closing is never a problem. Other bags I do tend to leave open if they are tedious to open/close.
  11. I've been carrying my Jumbo flap everyday for the past 2 weeks now and I actually find it easy to use :yes:...But if you want a tote (in Chanel), the Cerf would be a good one.
  12. I use my flaps (Jumbo's included!) all the time! :smile: I don't find it annoying to get in and out of (maybe because I'm used to it hehe), and the Jumbo in particular fits everything I need perfectly. :heart: I close my Jumbo's all the time because it's easy enough to do, and I don't want the back of the closure or the turnlock to get all scratched from banging against each other (haha, yes, I'm insane). :nuts: Maybe you can try using a tote for a while and see if you prefer it over the Jumbo, and then use the Jumbo as more of a planned bag or something. :heart: :tup:
  13. I want a Jumbo flap.......:hysteric:
  14. I have a large caviar flap that I use often. I'm considering getting the jumbo, but I think the large is fine for now ("now" meaning, after the price increases!).

    I ended up selling my jumbo XL (the Nicole Richie bag) because I never used it. It was a little heavy, but mostly because, w/respect to my lifestyle, its size didn't match its function. I generally load my bigger bags with lots of work stuff, and they get bumped around more. The lambskin XL was too lovely to subject to the subway crush!

    If I got a jumbo, I'd go with caviar for sure, even though I'm not crazy about the new caviar, I found lambskin to be too delicate for a work bag. But that's a reflection of my erratic weather/public transportation environment as much as it is the nature of lambskin.
  15. I agree with you.

    Thanks for your thoughts ...