anyone using Neocutis?

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  1. Neocutis was recommended to me at my dermatoligist appointment. I am checking it out on the web, but all too often products have fallen flat and I wind up paying a lot for a glorified moisturizer. I wish I could try it out before dropping a couple hundred dollars on it.

    Anyone currently using this who can offer their opinions/experiences? :confused1:
  2. Glad to see someone asked about this brand before...hopefully someone has used it by now. My dermatologist recently recommended this for me too, specifically the Eye cream from this same brand..the name of the eye cream is
    LUMIÈRE Bio-restorative Eye Cream

    Does anyone have any feedback about this brand and/or the eye cream :confused1: Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated :yahoo:

    TIA :tup:
  3. How about this one...I know Juliejewels asked about it ages ago, did anyone ever try it :confused1:

    TIA :tup:
  4. I use this eye cream!!! I actually just bought another tube. It is awesome. As soon as I ran out, I felt like I got little lines under my eyes. I hope that when I start using it again they will go away. It is the only thing that keeps the skin around my eyes from getting dry. Also, I have incredibly sensitive skin, and neither product bothers me at all. I also ordered the regular moisturizer. I've tried it before but it was always so expensive. However, I received a little bit of fun money for my b-day, so I stocked up! I haven't used the moisturizer long term, but if it is anything like the eye cream, I'll love it! Anyone else tried these products? I now order it from dermstore and use a 10% off discount coupon.
  5. My derm recommended the "journee" day cream. Anyone have any experience with this product?
  6. I wondered about this product as well. My derm office recommends it also. I may have to pick up some when they have their next special on this brand.