Anyone using Littermaid?

  1. I'm thinking about getting a Littermaid. We have one little cat (see avatar), she's about 8 pounds, but boy does she poop! :wtf: Of course, I'm not complaining because she's super healthy.

    Can anyone comment about the Littermaid? I doubt I have to get the super-duper one since we only have one cat and she's small, but I would love any comments and suggestions. Thanks!
  2. They are great if you only have one or two cats. Just make sure you use the proper type of litter (the "clumping" kind). It may take your kitty a little while to get used to it so keep your regular litter box available. My cats were fascinated by the automatic scooper! They would rush over to the box every time they heard the motor start up and just stare at it until it was done.
  3. I've heard that the motor is really loud. Has that improved?
  4. My boss has Littermaid for his two cats and really likes it. It took a couple weeks for the cats to get used to it. I have heard that the newer versions are quieter than the old ones.
  5. My grandma's friend has it and LOVES it and talks about it to me ALL the frickin time...not kidding, very time I see her she tells me about how I should get one. She has one cat though. I don't know how well it would work on my 3 cats. I say it is worth a try for your cat!
  6. We use it and our big boys love it! My girls tend to use the normal hooded type. The newest version is stronger and quieter, but I never notied the noise being so loud...
    I think it is definitely a benefit for the cats. As for cleaning, you still will have to clean the machine a bit because the clumps gets stuck on the side, etc. My husband, who is the Official Litter Manager, says it can be a pain in the b***. But, you will always have clean litterbox for the cats, and I think that is what matters the most anyway.
    There are other electronic self-cleaning litterbox options out there, too.
  7. I bought the Mega size for my two cats and it was the best $150.00 thatI have ever spent. We found that the Littermaid litter works the best. Not sure why other clumping litters don't work as good. My cats love, especially my little girl kitty. She takes it as a personal challenge to keep it full!! :roflmfao:
  8. Well, I am going to be the oddball here and say I do not like it. We have two cats and I think the old fashioned cleaning out is easier.
  9. Had one. We had two cats then. Used it per instructions, and the darn thing stopped working after about a month. Called the company for the warranty and they wanted US to pay to shipping back and forth. From NYC it would have cost us about the same as buying another. DH can sweet talk his way into just about anything over the phone and they wouldn't budge. So we wasted 150.
  10. Oh, I might add that for 15 bucks we bought a litter box at Meijer that has four parts. Two bottoms, a piece that is a sifter, and a covered dome. When you want to clean the litter you just lift out the sifter, empty it into the trash, put it in the empty bottom, then pour the remaining 'clean' litter into the empty bit. VERY easy!!!